Space Type Continuum

Space Type Continuum is a Brooklyn based type studio led by Lynne Yun and Kevin Yeh. The studio operates at the intersection of type, design, and technology. The studio specializes in creating experiential letterforms of all kinds, from typeface design to generative typography.

— Partner Lynne Yun

Lynne is a NYC-based type designer and educator who specializes in typography, hand lettering, and calligraphy. She was previously a full time type designer at Monotype and served on the board of AIGA NY and Society of Scribes. Prior to working at Monotype, Lynne held positions as a graphic designer at companies such as Apple Inc. She holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and a postgraduate certificate in typeface design from the Type@Cooper Extended Program. Her work has been recognized by organizations such as AIGA, Type Directors Club and Art Directors Club, notably the Ascenders award which honors designers under the age of 35 who show remarkable achievement in typography, type design, and lettering.

— Partner Kevin Yeh

Kevin is an NYC-based developer with a background in computer vision, graphics and robotic learning. He holds an MS in computer science and film studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and currently holds a full-time position at Nava PBC, where he works with government partners to build simple and reliable public digital services.

As a technologist, his work reflects broad and varied interests to imagine, reconstruct, and relate to the natural world through the lenses of augmented reality, computer animation, and mobile hardware. By wrangling complex machinations and building open and accessible tools, he hopes to empower others to experiment with and leverage technology within their own communities to create something new.